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Daniel Witt, President of International Tax and Investment Center in Kazakhstan 0

Posted on February 15, 2017 by KazCham

The reforms announced by President Nazarbayev on 25 January are significant constitutional reforms. I believe they represent another step forward in a modernization of democracy in Kazakhstan and really they modernize the structure in the system of your Constitution, of your Government, of the contract between the President, and the Government, and the Parliament, and the People. And all of this reflex that Kazakhstan is a different country today than 10 years ago or 25 years ago when you became newly independent.

Sitting here in Washington, DC President Trump talks about Making America Great Again, and I think President Nazarbayev through this set of reforms and the Third Modernization’s set of reforms will continue to make Kazakhstan Great again and forever. 

Source: 24Khabar

Kazakhstan creates new tax breaks for foreign investors 0

Posted on June 28, 2014 by KazCham

Tax News

President Nursultan Nazarbayev has signed new tax laws to boost foreign investment.  The new laws will exempt foreign investment projects worth over $20 million in certain industries from corporate tax for 10 years and from property tax for 8 years. They will also put a 10-year freeze on many other taxes.

Foreigners will get a refund on capital investments for up to 30 percent after a production facility starts running, and be allowed to bring in foreign workers, in excess of the previously set quotas, during the implementation plus one more year period. VAT and excise tax rates might also be subject to tariff ceilings for the next five years or so.

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