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Central Asia: China’s New Silk Road project 0

Posted on January 19, 2015 by KazCham

Presently, almost 90% of the global container trade still goes by ocean, and that’s what China intends to change. Its embryonic, still relatively slow New Silk Road represents its first breakthrough in what is bound to be an overland trans-continental container trade revolution.

Already the Chinese leadership has green-lighted a $40 billion infrastructure fund, overseen by the China Development Bank, to build roads, high-speed rail lines, and energy pipelines in assorted Chinese provinces. The fund will sooner or later expand to cover projects in South Asia, Southeast Asia, the Middle East, and parts of Europe. But Central Asia is the key immediate target.

Kazakhstan plans to become a key transit country in Central Asia in the way of Chinese goods to Europe. Advances in building transit is already there: the volume of container traffic from China to the EU via Kazakhstan grew in 2014 compared to 2012 for 4,5 times.

As per the program “The Bright Way” there will be investments into the following areas:

  1. Building or rent terminals in dry and sea ports of China, Russia and Iran;
  2. Construction and upgrading of roads.

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