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Posted on May 19, 2010 by KazCham

Dear Subscribers:

Thank you very much for adding us to your  feeds! For only 3 months, we have 118 readers, and we appreciate that.

Sincerely yours,

Yuliya Daurova & Co

PS Let’s take a break from all the news around and enjoy beautiful words of Gabriel Garcia Marquez.

Gabriel Garcia Marquez – I’m leaving

I leave

  • If the Lord God for a moment forget that I am rag doll and gave me a little bit of life, probably I would not say just what I think and I would have thought more about what I say.
  • I would value things not for their value and their significance.
  • I would sleep little, dream more, knowing that every minute with your eyes closed – we lose sixty seconds of light.
  • I would walk when others refrain from this, I would wake when others sleep, I would listen when others talk.
  • And as if I was enjoying a chocolate ice cream!
  • If God gave me a little bit of life, I would throw myself flat under the sun, exposing not only the body but the soul.
  • My God, if I had a little more time, I would write my hatred on ice and wait for the sun.
  • I would paint the stars as Van Gogh, dreaming, poem by Benedetti-, and a song Serra would be my serenade to the moon.
  • I washed my tears to roses, to feel the pain of their thorns and the incarnated kiss of their petals.
  • My God, if I had a little life …
  • I would not let a day go by without talking to people I love, that I love them. I would convince each woman or man that I love them, I would live in love with love.
  • I would prove to people how they are wrong in thinking that when they grow old, they stop to love: on the contrary, they grow old because they stop falling in love!
  • Child I would give wings, he would teach him to fly.
  • Old I would teach that death comes not from old age but with forgetting.
  • I have learned so much from you people.
  • I learned that everyone wants to live on a mountain top, not realizing that true happiness awaits him on the descent.
  • I understood that when a newborn first squeezes his father’s finger in his tiny fist, he caught him forever.
  • I realized that the man has the right to look down on another, only to help him get back on track.
  • I learned so many things from you, but, in truth, all this much use, because it filled his chest, I’m dying.

(8 December 2000)

SOURCE: http://okhotny.blogspot.com/2006/04/blog-post.html

Charles Raether Appointed Mid-Atlantic Representative for KazCham 0

Posted on March 03, 2010 by KazCham

We are proud to announce that Charles Raether, Executive Director of AmLaw Consulting Group, has become our Mid-Atlantic representative to lead and promote the Chamber’s activities in the greater Washington, D.C. area to support and expand U.S. – Kazakhstan business, trade, and investment. The Chamber’s offices in the United States were recently to increase awareness of Kazakhstan investment programs and initiatives of the Kazakhstan government as well as foster commercial ties between U.S. and Kazakhstan firms in a broad spectrum of industry topics.

The Kazakhstan government recently announced more than 160 new economic initiatives totaling more than $44 billion to attract investment and diversify Kazakhstan’s economic base. These signify significant business opportunities for U.S. suppliers, manufacturers, and investors across key economic sectors such as agribusiness, construction, natural resources, and telecommunications.

AmLaw Consulting will be cooperating with the Chamber’s initiatives planned for 2010. A schedule of webinars on business-related topics will soon be released which will be led by various specialists from business and governmental circles from Kazakhstan and the U.S. A major investment conference is in the works to be held in New York later this year as well as an investment event in Kazakhstan.

Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Republic of Kazakhstan in the USA 9

Posted on January 05, 2010 by Sergey Sek

We are proud to announce the opening of an official representative office of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Republic of Kazakhstan in the USA (“KazCham”).

Chambers of commerce have traditionally been the associations of enterprises engaged in trade, manufacturing and services. The predecessors of the medieval guild houses were merchants and artisans. The overall objective of the chambers around the world – protecting the interests of business and promoting their development.

Kazakhstan Chamber of Commerce and Industry (“Chamber”) was established in 1959 by decree of the Council of Ministers of the Kazakh Soviet Republic.

The Chamber represents interests of the Kazakhstani business community and provides a set of essential business services. The Chamber serves as the social and economic partner for small and medium-sized businesses in the dialogue with government, big business, as well as partners in foreign trade activities. The Chamber has signed over 70 cooperation agreements with foreign countries: Italy, UAE, Russian Federation, India, Turkey, Jordan, Syria, South Africa, Egypt, etc.

Each year, the Chamber, which has 16 regional chambers, provides 70 thousand services. Included are a number of expert and inspection services, consultations on foreign trade activities, assessment services for the customs value of goods, confirmation of documents on foreign trade transactions, the consideration of disputes arising between the partners.

When conducting business forums in Kazakhstan and abroad, visiting foreign markets as part of trade missions is a proven and cost-effective way to grow your business. A business visit, professionally planned and managed by Chamber specialists, allows one to achieve results much more efficiently than a few self-organized trips.

The practice shows that the majority of business contacts, organized and implemented by the Chamber, are effective.

Membership in the Chamber is voluntary.

After decades of hard work, the Chamber gained tremendous experience and serves for the benefits of your business.

In 2009 the Chamber of Commerce of the Republic of Kazakhstan celebrates its 50th anniversary.

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