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Kazakhstan may take back some nuclear assets from JVs 0

Posted on March 29, 2016 by KazCham

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Kazakhstan may take back some assets from the joint ventures it has set up in the nuclear sector, according to Kazakh President Nursultan Nazarbayev. Nazarbayev explained that some joint venture partners of the state nuclear firm Kazatomprom “are not meeting their obligations”.

“In this regard it is necessary to either ensure that they meet their obligations or look into reclaiming those assets in the interests of our state,” Nazarbayev is quoted as saying.

Kazatomprom has joint ventures with France’s Areva, Canada’s Cameco, Japan’s Sumitomo Corp and Kansai Electric Power, several Russian firms including Rosatom, and a few Chinese companies.

Kazakhstan approves list of state companies offered for privatisation 0

Posted on January 14, 2016 by KazCham

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The government of Kazakhstan has approved a list of state companies to be offered for privatisation as part of its long-term privatisation plan for 2016-2020.

The plan approves a list of large state-owned companies and organisations that will be privatised, and includes the pharmaceutical company SK-Pharmacy, national space company Kazakhstan Garysh Sapary, state road enterprise Kazakhavtodor, Khorgos international centre of cross-border cooperation, the airport of Astana, the Almaty sanatorium, the Kazakh national film studio, the airports of Kostanai and Petropavlovsk, the Korkyt Ata airport in Kyzylorda, and the Duman entertainment centre in Astana.

The list for priority privatisation also includes the national railway company Kazakhstan Temir Zholy (through IPO), national oil and gas company KazMunayGas (IPO), national atomic company Kazatomprom (IPO), national post service Kazpost (IPO), airlines Air Astana (IPO) and Qazaq Air, national telecommunications operator Kazakhtelecom, the airports of Aktobe, Atyrau and Pavlodar, the Aktau international seaport, and the national agricultural holding KazAgro.

Kazakhstan, USA join forces in nuclear fuel supply 0

Posted on November 13, 2015 by KazCham

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KazAtomProm and Centrus Energy have signed a Memorandum of cooperation that specifies the development of mutually beneficial relations on competitive supplies of Kazakhstan’s uranium to the world market.

The document was signed by KazAtomProm Chairman Askar Zhumagaliyev and Centrus Energy Senior Vice-president Kevin Alldred during Zhumagaliyev’s official visit to the United States.

KazAtomProm is the world’s biggest uranium producer, while Bethesda, Maryland-based Centrus Energy supplies enriched uranium fuel for commercial nuclear power plants in the USA and around the world.

Kazakhstan became the leading supplier of uranium to US nuclear power plants in 2014, overtaking Australia, according to the US Energy Information Administration (EIA). According to the EIA’s Uranium Marketing Annual Report, published in May, of the uranium purchased by U.S. reactor owners and operators, 23% was of Kazakh origin, while 20% came from Australia and 18% from Canada.


U.S. reactor operators increase uranium purchases from Kazakhstan 0

Posted on October 17, 2015 by KazCham


Kazakhstan became the leading supplier of uranium for the 100 operating U.S. nuclear power reactors in 2014, supplying 12 million pounds, or 23%, of the 53.3 million pounds of uranium purchased by owners and operators of U.S. reactors. This level is almost double the 6.5 million pounds of Kazakh-origin uranium purchased in 2013. In previous years, Australia, Canada, and Russia have been leading suppliers of uranium to the United States. The amount of U.S.-origin uranium purchased in 2014 decreased 65% compared with 2013.

Average Kazakh uranium prices have been lower than other major supplying countries’ prices for the past two years. Uranium from Kazakhstan was $44.47 per pound in 2014, compared with the overall weighted-average price of $46.65 per pound for the 41.3 million pounds of uranium purchased from producers outside Kazakhstan in 2014.

Kazakhstan became the world’s leading producer of uranium in 2009 when it surpassed Canada. Uranium production in Kazakhstan has more than tripled since 2007, while production in Canada has been relatively constant, and production in Australia decreased 42%.

Uranium production and exports are controlled by Kazatomprom, a national atomic company created in 1997 by the Kazakhstan government in an effort to revive the country’s nuclear industry. Kazatomprom has attempted to increase domestic uranium production capacity by working with international companies to encourage investment in uranium mining projects in Kazakhstan. The company also worked to expand Kazakhstan’s uranium export markets, as the country’s sole nuclear power reactor, which began operation in 1972, was shut down in 1999. Kazakhstan’s ability to export uranium increased after the U.S. International Trade Administration terminated the 1992 antidumping investigation on uranium from Kazakhstan and lifted restrictions on the sale of uranium from Kazakhstan to the United States in 1999.

Construction of two nuclear plants to be commenced by 2018 0

Posted on January 29, 2015 by KazCham

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In 2014 the state nuclear company KazAtomProm and Russian Rosatom signed a cooperation deal on nuclear power, as well as a memorandum of understanding (MoU) on a new nuclear power plant. The design and size of the plant remains open, and was listed only as having generating capacity of 300-1200 MWe. Its siting will be in the Mangistau region (city Aktau).

In 2018 it is expected to commence construction in Kazakhstan of a second nuclear power plant. The location of the second nuclear power plant will be in the village Ulken (a town in the East Kazakhstan region).

After a program of expansion and joint ventures with foreign partners, Kazakhstan now produces about 22,550 tonnes of uranium per year – about 38% of the global total.

Kazakhstan and China plan to establish JVs producing nuclear fuel 0

Posted on January 26, 2015 by KazCham

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“Kazatomprom” and the Chinese General Nuclear Power Corporation has signed a memorandum on expanding and deepening mutually beneficial cooperation in the field of nuclear energy.

According to the press release, the document provides for the establishment in Kazakhstan joint ventures to produce nuclear fuel and nuclear fuel assemblies for NPPs in China and third countries, as well as companies for the development of uranium resources.

Four Kazakh companies to float in People’s IPO 0

Posted on August 20, 2014 by KazCham

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Four big Kazakhstani companies will float their shares during the People’s IPO. These are KEGOC, Samruk-Energy, Kazakhstan Temir Zholy and KazAtomProm.

Kazakhstan Electricity Grid Operating Company (KEGOC) is a national transmission grid operator of Kazakhstan.

Samruk-Energy produces, transmits and distributes electricity in Kazakhstan. It also produces heat, mines coal, constructs power facilities, operates power plants, power lines, and substations, operates thermal and hydroelectric power stations, and designs and constructs renewable energy facilities for the production of electricity and heat from renewable energy sources.

Kazakhstan Temir Zholy is the national railway company of Kazakhstan. 

KazAtomProm is a state-owned nuclear holding company that produces Uranium, Beryllium, Tantalum and Niobium.

Kazakhstanis will be able to purchase KEGOC’s stock as soon as in December this year, but no preliminary dates for the other three companies are available yet. Only very few details of the campaign have been disclosed so far. Costs and rules and restrictions have not been unveiled. It is known that 10 percent minus one share in KEGOC is going to be floated. The main advantage of the People’s IPO is that shares will be sold at their nominal value, that is, the lowest price per share at the primary listing bid. And the new holders of the floated stock will be able to start receiving dividends on their stock in one year after the purchase.

Qatar Solar Energy makes deal with Kazatomprom to boost Qatar’s renewable energy production 0

Posted on August 12, 2014 by KazCham

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Qatar Solar Energy (QSE) and the multi-billion dollar Kazakhstan-based energy company Kazatomprom recently signed a ‘landmark’ agreement that will see large quantities of solar grade silicon provided to the MENA-region-based solar company at a ‘very low’ fixed cost for the next ten years.

Kazatomprom, ranked as the world’s largest producer of uranium, has been active in renewable energy since 2009. The company implements a number of high tech innovative projects in the sustainable energy sector including the production of photovoltaic modules (Astana Solar), the production of ingots, wafers and cells (Kazakhstan Solar Silicon) and solar grade silicon production (Kaz Silicon).

Speaking about the deal, Mr Abbassi (QSE CEO) commented: “This partnership allows QSE to secure the entire value chain from raw material to smart-grid development and provides a powerful foundation from which QSE will further expand its production capacity to 2.5 GW.”

Qatar Solar Energy Signs Silicon Deal With Kazatomprom 0

Posted on July 16, 2014 by KazCham

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Qatar Solar Energy (QSE), the largest solar technology development and manufacturing facility in the MENA region, has signed a landmark agreement with Kazatomprom, a multi-billion dollar energy company based in Kazakhstan. With this landmark agreement QSE has secured solar grade silicon, the raw material used to make solar panels, at an extremely competitive fixed cost for the next ten years. Solar grade silicon from Kazatomprom will be used in the manufacture of QSE’s innovative products that are designed to perform in the most demanding environments present across the planet. 

The agreement, which was signed by Salim Abbassi, CEO of QSE and Mr. Azat Betekbaev, Chairman of Kazatomprom’s solar division, will also contribute to accelerating QSE’s solar power purchase agreements (PPA) in Kazakhstan.

Kazatomprom, ranked as the world’s largest producer of uranium, has been active in renewable energy since 2009. The company implements a number of high tech innovative projects in the sustainable energy sector including the production of photovoltaic modules (Astana Solar), the production of ingots, wafers and cells (Kazakhstan Solar Silicon) and solar grade silicon production (Kaz Silicon).

Kazakhstan, Canada expect to sign Nuclear Power Agreement before end of 2013. 0

Posted on September 02, 2013 by KazCham

Kazakhstan and Canada are working to finalise a key agreement on the peaceful use of nuclear power before the end of 2013, which would give a major boost to bilateral cooperation in an area where the two countries already hold leading positions globally, Kazakhstan’s Ambassador to Canada Konstantin Zhigalov said. In an interview with the Kursiv newspaper, the Kazakh ambassador in Ottawa explained that the agreement between the two countries has been under consideration by authorities in both countries for a long time. In particular, it provides the opportunity to fully implement an agreement signed last year between Kazatomprom and Cameco Corporation, according to which the Canadian company is serious about expanding uranium mining in Kazakhstan and the production facility for processed uranium products will be built in east Kazakhstan,” Zhigalov said.

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