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Six countries interested in constructing nuclear plant in Kazakhstan 0

Posted on November 11, 2015 by KazCham

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Kazakhstan has held consultations with leading companies that possess modern reactor technologies, including the companies Rosatom (Russia), Areva (France), Toshiba, Japan Atomic Power Company (JAPC), Mitsubishi, (Japan), CGNPC (China), KEPCO (South Korea), Westinghouse (US), and Hitachi-General Electric (Japan and the US).

During the meetings, the foreign companies provided information about new reactors with improved safety factors as well as about their experience in the construction and operation of nuclear power plants, and expressed interest in cooperating in the construction of the nuclear power plant in Kazakhstan.

The Energy Ministry noted that, to date, two areas have been selected for constructing the nuclear power plant: the town of Kurchatov in eastern Kazakhstan and the village of Ulken in the Almaty province.

The construction of the plant will take a minimum of twelve years; around two years are needed to complete the project’s feasibility study, with at least another ten years for the construction work itself.

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