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Revolutionary New Heart Procedure Performed for the First Time in Patients – Brings Worldwide Attention to Kazakhstan 0

Posted on July 22, 2016 by KazCham


New medical technologies in medicine have always have typically come to Kazakhstan from other countries. This all changed on June 14, 2016 when Dr. Y.V. Pya and his colleagues, along with renowned British Cardiologist Dr. Michael Mullen and medical -device inventor Prof. Anthony Nobles successfully performed the new procedure successfully on two patients at the National Cardiac Research Center in Astana. The “First In Man” procedure of cardiac transapical access and closure using the Heartstitch technology was accomplished without the use of a prosthetic implant.

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The both patients who were requiring replacement of their aortic heart valve received the HeartStitch® transapical procedure, allowing the team to place the Heart Valve safely into the beating heart. The patients tolerated the procedure very well and have been discharged without complication. This procedure will eventually make it possible to perform critical heart procedures percutaneously through a small puncture between the ribs rather than open heart surgery. In the years to come, this technology has the potential of saving thousands of lives all over the world. These procedures also marked for the first time in Kazakhstan’s history that a medical technology was  initially tested in humans first – a technology that in part was developed in Kazakhstan, and will be built and exported to other countries.

Dr. Pya, the Chairman and CEO of the National Cardiac Research Center, comments on this event: “The field of cardiac surgery around the world is developing towards less invasive medical care. What we were able to accomplish today is a major contribution toward achieving this goal, and it will be very welcomed by the medical community worldwide. I am very happy with our success and I thank my team and also those from HeartStitch® team, who participated in this tremendous work.”

Dr. Mike Mullen, consultant cardiologist at St. Bartholomew’s St. Barts Heart Hospital, London, and Chief Medical Officer of HeartStitch®, Inc., commented, “this exciting technology will be an important step in facilitating the next wave of technology in treating structural heart disease that will require safe, effective and simple access and closure of the ventricular apex. I believe this is the next wave of technology in treating structural heart disease. The ability to be less invasive without introducing new mechanical devices into the patient’s heart by emulating the open surgical technique is always the best way, but often the most difficult to achieve. This new technology does just that. Over the next year our task will be to refine the procedure, technology, and technique of using the device so that it may be implemented by cardiac teams performing these life saving heart operations procedures.”

Shigeo Katsu, President of Nazarbayev University, Astana Kazakhstan commented, “HeartStitch® is an important part of the innovation directive of Nazarbayev University to broaden research out to the world. This First In Man procedure will change the lives of two Kazakh citizens, and will be the beginning of this technology helping people all over the world. I personally, am proud of student directly involved in making these successful procedures possible and look forward to further innovation as part of our international collaboration with Heartstitch® , Inc.”

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