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Minister Idrissov Supports New Silk Road and Speaks for Enhanced Regional Connectivity

Posted on October 01, 2014 by KazCham

Embassy of Kazakhstan in Washington

Kazakhstan’s Foreign Minister Erlan Idrissov on September 23rd expressed strong support for reviving the Great Silk Road “as a historical basis for cooperation among Asian countries.” Speaking at the New York event organized by the Asia Society, the top Kazakh diplomat maintained that “Kazakhstan stands to gain from the implementation of various Silk Road projects, as it is a land bridge between East and West, South and North.” He listed a raft of infrastructure projects launched under the ambitious Strategy 2050. One of them is the main transport corridor called “Western Europe – Western China,” which would enhance connectivity and significantly expedite goods delivery from Europe to China. Idrissov also mentioned the creation of new railroads that would open access to the Gulf and Middle East countries, as well as projects to build a shorter route to get from the East to the Caspian and further to the Caucasus and Europe.

The infrastructure projects will “open up additional markets for our goods, boosting economic growth, creating opportunities and pockets of prosperities along highways, railways, pipelines and other lines of communications,” according to the foreign minister. In addition, Idrissov highlighted Kazakhstan’s humanitarian and technical assistance to Afghanistan. He concluded by encouraging the United States and international community to remain involved in the Central Asia region, which remains “one of the least integrated regions in the world.”

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