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Kyrgyzstan exports power to Kazakhstan for $8.4 million

Posted on August 12, 2010 by KazCham

“24.kg”,News Agency by Irina Dudka

Kyrgyzstan has exported electric power to Kazakhstan for $8.4 million, the press service of Electrical Stations OJSC reports.

According to them, $6.06 million have been used for repayment of old debts to KEGOC JSC. In terms of kilowatt-hours, the total supply of electric power to the neighboring republic has amounted to 256.4 million kWh, out of which 178.4 million have been used for repayment of debt.

As noted, electric power suppliers were defined through a tender. According to its results, contracts were signed with Temirzholenergo LLP, Aktiv-Energotrade LLP, GES-Energo Almaty LLP, Kum Tau LLP, KEGOC JSC, Ontustik Zharyk LLP and Energopotok LLP.

All funds from electric power export are coming to a special-purpose account of Electrical Stations OJSC, the enterprise underlines.

The Company explained that opening of a separate special-purpose account will contribute to transparency of management of financial resources, received from electric power export. Also this measure will help ensure proper use of received funds for purchase of basic energy carriers for continuous electric and heat supply of domestic consumers in the autumn and winter period. The possibilities of using the funds of the special-purpose account are specified in the regulation “On basic requirements for using special-purpose accounts”, which was worked out by the Ministry of Energy of Kyrgyzstan. It prohibits spending this money only for purchase of fuel for the thermal power plants of Bishkek and Osh.

SOURCE: News Bulletin of the Embassy of the Republic of Kazakhstan, No 23 August 10, 2010

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