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Kazakhstan/Islam: Kazak President visits Egypt University of Islamic Culture in Almaty

Posted on November 04, 2011 by Alex

IINA, Oct 24, 2011

ALMATY, 26 Dhul Qadah/24 Oct (IINA)-Spiritual, religious and ideological guidelines as well as the development of traditional Islam all topped a meeting at the «Nur Mubarak» Egypt University of Islamic Culture in Almaty involving Nursultan Nazarbayev and representatives of the Muslim clergy and future Islamists.

The agreement on the establishment of this educational institution was signed back in 1993. Later on, the school began teaching Islamic Studies, which was the first ever speciality of this kind in the country.

The main purpose of the university is to train our own specialists who will work in Kazakhstan mosques. Studying Islam, you should not forget about the ancient history and rich traditions of our people. You should know their history, culture, literature and philosophy. When you have finished training, you will work in the mosques in all regions of Kazakhstan, and you need to explain to people how important it is for our society’s unity, peace and harmony.

This year, the state has allocated 100 grants for training of students under the Islamic Studies speciality. Next year, the same number of specialists is to be trained under the state order. Teachers of this university have no doubts about their students.

“The most important issue nowadays is the preparation of highly qualified personnel who are able to respond to challenges. Of course, the graduates of our university will be able to adequately respond to this. They are professionals and patriots who love their homeland and their president”, Ali Rauf, Teacher, Egypt University of Islamic Culture said.

According to Islam Serikbai a first-year student who studies with great interest and pleasure. The level of teaching is very high here. They have built a very good university building this year. Once I have graduated from this university, being a patriot, I want to make my contribution to the development of religion and Islam in my country. Serikbai knows that each year, the university sends successful students to have practice in the Cairo Arabic Language Centre.

Today, Kazakhstan is an example of the peaceful co-existence of people of different nationalities and religions. Muslims, Orthodox Christians, Catholics and Jews have for centuries been living and working peacefully on the fertile land of Kazakhstan. The head of State always regards the friendship of the peoples as a «golden treasure», which is why it is unacceptable for the actualization of radical religious ideas.

The Supreme Mufti of Kazakhstan, Absattar Hajji Derbisali, said “we are very thankful to Nursultan Nazarbayev for his constant assistance and his fatherly care. He never divides people into Muslims or non-Muslims, all citizens of Kazakhstan consider Kazakhstan their homeland. Taking care of them is the duty of our president, who has great credibility in the world. We are very grateful to him and we will be following his instructions and we will try to do it with honour”.

In the middle of October, President Nursultan Nazarbayev signed a law on religious activity in Kazakhstan. The preamble of the document acknowledges the historic role of Islam and the teachings of the Hanafi studies and orthodoxy in the development of the culture and spiritual life of the people of Kazakhstan. At the same time, it emphasizes respect for other religions.


Hollywood to Meet Kazakhstan in New $30 Million Movie

Astana Calling, Oct 28, 2011

Hollywood star Antonio Banderas, most recent Bond girl Olga Kurilenko, and the star of Basic Instinct Sharon Stone will feature in Kazakhstan’s new film “The World is Your Oyster”.

Earlier this month, Banderas and Kurilenko arrived in Almaty to shoot some of the scenes of the film. Other scenes in which actors are involved will be shot in Hollywood.

Altogether, 28 Hollywood actors will star in the US$ 30 million movie directed by Salamat Mukhammed Ali.

British actor Peter O’Toole, famed for his work in Lawrence of Arabia, 1960, is expected to come back to Almaty to continue shooting in early November.

A gangster melodrama with elements of action and martial arts will be the first film to be released worldwide in four languages: Kazakh, Russian, English, and Chinese. Dubbing will be made in Hollywood.

Armand Assante, who is a co-producer, will also feature in the movie.   Japanese actor Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa, who is well-known for his roles in “Memoirs of a Geisha”, “Mortal Combat”, “Hachiko”, and the Chinese film star Bolo Yeung will also perform in the film.

Karlygash Mukhamedzhanova of Kazakhstan will play the leading female role. When selecting the cast, Armand Assante insisted on her participation. Commenting on the filmmaking process, Assante said he was impressed by the young actress’ work in Yegor Konchalovsky’s “Return to A”.

Mukhamedzhanova’s character, Aliya, is a prototype of Aliya Moldagulova, a young Kazakh sharpshooter who died in World War II.

“There is a lot of drama in my character’s life. She is a real fighter. She is a present day Aliya Moldagulova,” the actress said.

The film will be released in the spring of 2012.

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