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Kazakhstan Daily News Roundup – July 12, 2011

Posted on July 11, 2011 by KazCham

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  1. Kalidou says:

    Hi Gollum. Robert Fisk’s “The Great war for Civilisation” is a wonderful piece of wtriing and analysis. Yes, poor old Afghanistan has for centuries, been penalised by its geographical location. It really is a crossroad between Russia and British India, Persia and India, and the main route of Alexander the Great, Chenghis Khan, Timur (Tamerlane), the invading Bristish, Persian, Soviets and Russians. Now we have new invaders.I lived there is 1976 and again for 3 years between 1993-96.I must go to the Timaru Herald website and check out the NZRC nurse who worked in Vietnam. What country are you working in Gollum ?Best wishesBob

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