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How we made the Kazakhstan Triangle skate edits (Watch video)

Posted on July 05, 2016 by KazCham


Join us behind the scenes of our Kazakhstan Triangle adventure through the eyes of Kirill Korobkov.

One thing that made the Kazakhstan trip special was that we decided to film a lot of background action and create a photo essay with our mobile phones.

Each time you travel, so much interesting stuff just doesn’t make it into the main edit, where running time has to be a consideration. Sometimes, the filmer just doesn’t have time to capture everything, and also the warm-up sessions can be more fun than the big moves.

With less pressure in front of a friend’s phone, people tend to try different maneuvers.

Kazakhstan is a really photogenic country: it was easy and entertaining to document the adventure from riders’ point of view. Every stop of the trip was special in its own way, from the futuristic Astana to the Ustyurt National Reserve, the 72-hour-long train ride to the Aral Sea – which turned into the Aral Desert – we were lucky to visit some of the most interesting locations the country has to offer.

I was the guide and the translator for the trip, but I also gathered up some photos along the way, which you can check out above.

The video clip was filmed by the entire crew of Nestor JudkinsRob Wootton,Gabriel Summers, Vladik Scholz, Patrik Wallner and Tommy Zhao. We hope it gives you some insight into how the trip came to be and some extra context to Patrik’s superb feature edits!


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