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Certificate of origin

Certificate of origin allows an entrepreneur to obtain preferential treatment or preferential duty-free importation of goods into the country,  and, thereby, to save money on customs duties in the importing country. It is issued by the Chamber of Commerce and its 16 branches in Kazakhstan according to the Law of the Republic of Kazakhstan “On making amendments and addenda to some legislative acts of the Republic of Kazakhstan on the activities of chambers of commerce” dated 23 October 2009.

The country of origin is the country where the product was completely produced or sufficiently processed in accordance with the criteria and the procedure provided by preference-giving countries for Kazakh goods.

Certificate of origin is a foreign trade document that is submitted together with the cargo customs declaration.

Types of certificates:

* Certificate of Origin Form “A” (for EU countries, USA, Canada, Japan, Turkey);
* Certificate of Origin Form A-1 (for the States of the CIS);
* Certificate of Origin Form “Original” (for other preference-giving countries).

Examination of origin:

* Introductory review of the package of documents submitted to the expert (requirements check);
* Inspection of goods, familiarization with the technology of manufacturing;
* Preparation of the certificate of origin;

List of documents required for registration of the certificate of origin:

1. Documents confirming the legal status of the applicant (for sole proprietor – passport, identity card, a patent or certificate of an individual entrepreneur);
2. The original and a copy of the foreign trade contract;
3. The original and a copy of the invoice for the goods;
4. The original and a copy of documents confirming the origin of the goods (the contract with the manufacturer of the goods or the purchase of goods, bills of lading, invoices, documents of carriage of goods);
5. The original and a copy of the license for the type of activity;
6. Documents for determining substantial domestic processing (the cost of raw materials and components used in the production of goods, contracts for the supply of raw materials, bills, money orders, shipping and other overhead regulatory and technological instruments under which goods were produced, the calculation of cost of goods with the cost of raw materials or components of foreign origin, costing, valuation) (This item is required for the certificate of ST-KZ type, which also requires ad valorem percentage calculation);
7. Veterinary certificate if the goods are goods of animal origin or river and maritime industries;
8. Information about the presence and quantity of goods in the warehouse with the address of the warehouse;
9. Proxy representing the applicant;
10. For fruit-and-vegetable processing companies: confirmation of the local executive body of the relevant state (oblast).

Certificate of origin for goods completely manufactured in the Republic of Kazakhstan, under Article 34 of the Customs Code of the Republic of Kazakhstan, shall be issued without examination, based on the submitted documents, approved by the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan, № 1647 from 22.10.2009g. “Rules for the determination of country of origin, preparation and issue of the examination of origin and registration, certification and issuance of certificate of origin”.

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