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Posted on August 24, 2015 by KazCham

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Free trade zone agreement between Vietnam and the EEU The agreement signed on 29 May 2015 contemplates a decrease in import customs duties, obligations to protect intellectual property, collaboration in electronic commerce and state procurement and unified principles for competition. The agreement will take effect 60 days after being ratified by all EEU members and Vietnam.

Free trade zone agreement between the India and the EEU In June The EEU and India signed a statement to consider a free trade zone agreement.

The EEU has received proposals to sign FTAs from over 30 countries and regional associations.

Mutual access to national stock exchanges in the EEU In June Mr. Timur Suleimenov, the Minister of Economy and Financial Policy of the EEC, stated that participants of the EEU will provide mutual access to national stock exchanges in 2016. This should encourage integration of financial markets and encourage new joiners.

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