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“Business Road Map-2020”: A Solid Start

Posted on September 03, 2013 by KazCham

Astana Calling, Issue No. 318, 23 August 2013

Business Road Map-2020” and its progress were priority items on the agenda at recent government meeting. Prime Minister of Kazakhstan Serik Akhmetov praised the early success of the ten-year program and insisted that the government will continue to monitor the financing and other indicators of progress.

Introduced in 2010 by Presidential Decree No. 958, “Business Road Map-2020” aims to stimulate industrial and innovative development while overseeing reliable and balanced growth of private business. Job creation and preservation of existing jobs are also key concerns. Although the program is financed by the newly created Ministry of Regional Development within the central government, it is wholly managed by local authorities.

During last week’s government meeting, First Deputy Minister of Regional Development, Kairbek Uskenbayev reported that more than 36,000 entrepreneurs have applied for assistance from the program. The result: 145,000 jobs maintained and 40,000 new jobs created. To put these numbers in perspective, one in five new jobs in Kazakhstan is being created because of “Business Road Map-2020.”  In addition to the thousands of saved and new jobs, KZT 56bn in taxes has been generated.

To conclude the meeting, Prime Minister Akhmetov highlighted the positive results of “Business Road Map-2020” and encouraged the Ministry of Regional Development and local authorities to work more closely to help the program reach its full potential.

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