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Astana Economic Forum 2016

Posted on May 22, 2016 by KazCham


The Astana Economic Forum is an annual event held in Astana, the capital of the Republic of Kazakhstan, which brings together representatives from the world’s economic community, current and former heads of states, Nobel Prize laureates, outstanding figures from the scientific world, and businessmen.

The Forum is best known as a platform for international dialogue that enables constructive discussion of economic development issues concerning both Central Asia and the entire world in relation to changes witnessed in the global economy.

The AEF and its activities are distinguished by the active participation of government and business figures from more than 80 countries. As the world economy undergoes a number of changes, the AEF serves as a platform where these figures consider the major global challenges of the day and brainstorm on solutions to address such challenges.

In the framework of forums held in the past, world leaders have expressed their views and offered practical propositions concerning economic strengthening, not only for Central Asia and the post-Soviet space, but also for the world.

Through eight years, numerous business and government leaders have tackled such themes as “Modern Aspects of Economic Development under the Conditions of Globalization”, “Economic Security of Eurasia in the System of Global Risks”, “Ensuring Sustainable Economic Growth in Post-Crisis Period”, “New decade: Challenges and Perspectives”, “Global Economic Transformation: Challenges and Perspectives of Development”, “Ensuring Balanced Economic Growth in the G-GLOBAL Format”, “Risk management in the era of changes in the format of G-Global” and “Infrastructure: Driver of Sustainable Economic Growth”.

This year, AEF participants make their way to Astana to address the challenges concerning “The New Economic Reality: Diversification, Innovation and Knowledge Economy.”

The event will take place on May 25-26, 2016 in Astana and will be live tweeted using the hashtag #aef2016


Astana Economic Forum to Generate Insights into Reinvigorating Economic Growth

Astana Times

The global economy has taken a distinct turn for the worse since politicians, experts and the media gathered for the last Astana Economic Forum in 2015. The collapse in oil and commodity prices, the slowdown in China and the continuing problems in many other parts of the world have hit growth and reduced confidence.

Kazakhstan, as a large producer of oil and a major trading partner of China and Russia, which is in recession, has felt the full impact of these global forces. Without early and determined action, including the decision to float the tenge, the long-term damage to the country’s progress and prosperity could have been much worse.

It is always dangerous to tempt fate and there are many challenges to overcome. But with oil prices beginning to show signs of a slight recovery and the anti-crisis measures beginning to have an effect, it may be that the path ahead may be less difficult.

The events of the last 12 months and the continued turbulence and concern formed the backdrop for this year’s Astana Economic Forum on May 25-26. With discussions around the theme of “New Economic Reality: Diversification, Innovations and Economics of Knowledge,” it has again attracted a cast list of global leaders, CEOs, Nobel laureates and renowned economic experts. Each year, the forum grows in importance as an influential platform for dialogue in the Eurasian region.

The Astana Economic Forum will serve as a useful platform not only to discuss the progress made so far but identify the further steps needed to ensure Kazakhstan returns to high economic growth. Given the complexity of our world, it is unlikely that the participants of the forum will have all the answers to every problem. But the expert discussions will help generate new insights and options which explains the success and attractions of the forum for all who attend.

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